I get that Newhouse wants to support some sort of amnesty.... but, they are illegal, period! We don't say to bank robbers "let's give the money back and we won't charge you" - they aren't undocumented shoppers? Right? Nancy, Newhouse is a not conservative. If he wants amnesty then the Constitution needs to be changed, just because something doesn't "feel" good doesn't mean it's not right.

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Ryan, I don't know that Newhouse DOES support amnesty... he wants to solve problems for his voters. AND I don't know that he's not conservative. Many of his voters think he's conservative ENOUGH. Which is my point. We conservatives don't always agree 100% of the time. So we need to be able to recognize when someone is conservative ENOUGH.

What I know from observing and driving his district is that he wants to solve problems for his constituents ... which include lots of agricultural product producers (big and small). If you talk to his voters, they mostly support him because he is working on solving their problems. Helping the farmers, producers, growers, saving the Snake River Dams... those are the big big issues in CD 04.

Newhouse has worked hard since the disastrous impeachment vote to really listen to and serve his constituents (all of them). I like that he appears to be humble enough to learn from his mistakes. Just my 2 cents worth. :)

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