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Great article. Lots of great nuggets to gather up and savor. Glad you bring in Draza's work. There is one area where I would ask you to modify the article is your election day strategy of using a "drop box" OR the county election office. In this situation, we must encourage all our voters to use ONLY the county election's office or a manned county satellite office. After the release of the film, "2,000 Mules", we know not to use the drop boxes. To summarize, vote on Election Day, and only physically drop off your ballots to a county election office to guarantee chain of custody from your hand to the county. And, verify with the County before you vote that you have not yet "voted", meaning someone stole your vote.

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Great points on drop boxes! The larger the county, the more I would recommend avoiding the drop boxes. However, in a small county like Ferry, we have a very small number of drop boxes, and most of them are geographically many miles from our county auditors office. Some are over an hour away. I also have a strong level of confidence of the chain of custody, because I know personally the team who go out to the drop boxes. It's going to depend on your county, so use your best judgment. The most important thing: VOTE!

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